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Meerkiddo provides a device-to-device communication between parent's and child's phone where the user has to approve device manager and accessibility features on child's phone in order for it to be managed. Since the system is created on Amazon Web Services (AWS), there is no existence of some central database or data storage, but all the data are strictly related.
Meerkiddo free version is available in English language only. Premium version will provide a possibility of another language, more info soon.
Meerkiddo free version provides you a possibility to connect one parent and one child who can have up to two devices (e.x. smartphone and tablet).
Simply go to Web Pages icon on parent's phone where you will see three tabs, click to add a new website to block list and simply type the URL respecting the written format. Or simply click on the visited page in Browsing History section and forbid it from there.
Simply go to Applications icon on parent's phone where you will see three tabs. In "All applications" tab select the app (or app category) you wish to block, click on it and click to block the app (or category).
Meerkiddo provides an option to remove protection directly from child's phone by clicking on „remove protection“ button where the user needs to type the email address and password of his account in order to remove protection. Also, another way is to go to settings/accessibility and to remove permissions of Meerkiddo app. Meerkiddo could also be disabled via parent phone either by deactivating parent account (Other->Deactivate) or removing the device (click on the device icon in the upper left corner on the main screen or select it from the navigation menu on the main screen where you can see device details or remove device)
To change your password you have to be logged out of the system. On the login screen click on „forgot password“ button positioned below orange „login“ button. In the next screen type your email address where you will receive password change token. Type in the token on the next screen in Meerkiddo app and you will be asked to enter and retype your new password.
No, Meerkiddo does not consume more battery than any other app you have installed. The slight difference can be seen only on child's phone because of the accessibility features but consumption remains within normal limits.
Meerkiddo is available for Android OS versions 4.4.2. and higher.
Meerkiddo is available for all Android smartphones and tablets devices using Android OS 4.4.2 and higher. If your device is not supported please let us know by sending an email to
In order for location sync to work properly your child's phone has to be connected to the Internet and needs to have GPS feature enabled. Sync is being done each time child changes his location, so if child/phone stays in one place all the time sync will not be done until the phone is moved on another location. All other features are synchronized regularly in real time.
We are open to any comments, praises, critics or questions and all that can be sent via email to and our support service will reply as soon as possible.

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