Using Meerkiddo

This policy describes how Meerkiddo works and why, the information we process at Meerkiddo and other products and features offered by the app. Meerkiddo is open to everyone whose aim is to positively improve their children's online safety and impact the world in a positive way. All registered profiles on Meerkiddo are private. You must be a registered user on Meerkiddo to access any information from Meerkiddo.

Usage of the private information

We do not use your personal information (parent's nor child's) for any other purpose besides providing parent information on how the child is using his/her phone.

SMS and Call log information

SMS and Call log information processing approval is necessary from parent's side in order to use our most advanced and helpful supervision tool. Please note that we do not collect or review any information regarding your child's SMS and Call logs. The information about SMS and Call log is only accessible to the maximum of 2 individuals (child's parents) and won't be shared elsewhere or accessed by any third-party entity or individual.

Location-based information

We encourage you to use location-based services on child's phone since the feature of parent being able to locate its child is one of the Meerkiddo's most valuable ones.

Product research and development

We do not use your information to test and improve our products that we offer.

Deleted profiles and information left on Merkiddo

When you delete your profile/remove protection, all information about you will be permanently deleted.


The information we have and collect from you will always be transparent to you and we will keep you informed on how we use your information regularly if there are updates.

To whom, which, what, how and why is my information shared?

Before we share any information about you, you will be in-charge to give us the permission to share that information and what we share. When we receive the permission and what to share from you, we can share that information with other parties. Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

Parent-child relationship

Information about child's phone usage and child's behaviour online is being sent to his parent(s) only. Both parent and child need to be logged in to Meerkiddo app in order for this information to be delivered and shown on parent's phone.

Law enforcements and legal requests.

We only share information with the law enforcement, in case the information they need is going to solve a crime.

How to contact Meerkiddo for inquiries about things you are not certain about our policies


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